Michela Solito

Wedding Planner & Ceremony Celebrant

Michela Solito works on Italian Seaside Wedding and Italian Country Wedding web sites. She is one of our planners and manager for Apulia and Basilicata regions and amazing seaside weddings in Italy.

She works in Apulia (aka Puglia) and Basilicata regions, two wonderful regions of Southern Italy. With her colleague Michela Savino, she will be pleased to welcome you to discover the beauties of the heel of the boot: Apulia seaside and countryside.

Michela is Italian mother tongue and but she speaks fluently English, German and French. 
She has a degree in foreign languages and a degree in marketing and communication.
Before being a wedding coordinator she worked as Direction Assistant for a multinational company and as coordinator for company events and exhibitions.


She started her wedding planning adventure with SposiamoVi group and she works now for M&R Puglia Events as premium partner of Italian Wedding Company and affiliated web sites.

She is a wonderful kind and friendly person. She loves sports, reading and Italian cuisine! She is very determinate and she loves her region. She will be pleased to help you an guide you through every single step to make your wedding in Apulia come true.