Helping the Community

Together, we can achieve great success!

We are happy and proud to support our local and non-local communities with our social projects

Il Ranch delle Donne

Italian Wedding Company supports Italian associations supporting women

RiDo – Ricerca per la Donna for women in difficulty and victims of violence and 
Acto Piemonte for women, families, and caregivers facing oncological diseases.
 Some members of our Team volunteer with these two associations to promote the project Il Ranch Delle Donne (Women’s Ranch).
 Il Ranch delle donne is a social Farm in Piemonte countryside where women, their families, friends, doctors, medics, and caregivers can connect with nature to overcome diseases and problems.

Associations support thrivers, warriors, survivors, and so-called ‘previvors’ with an increased risk of developing hereditary cancer (BRCA+ and other genetic mutations)
The reconnection with nature and the land facilitates a healing journey and a re-birth. It is the concept from Cure to Care.
Ranch Delle Donne can offer many activities, including fun activities for kids and event spaces.


Charity Wedding projects

The Italian Wedding Company joined an international social project called Two+Us

Two+Us project consists of giving a couple in need their dream wedding without the hustle to pay for it.
The wedding is always a non-profit event for any part. The goal is to donate the couple a dream while supporting the collaboration between wedding professionals.

Some Italian Wedding Company Team members were present at these social events and helped make unique couples’ dreams come true.

Valentina Lombardi (Piemonte Branch office and IWC Planners Coordinator), Giovanna Leonardi (Sicily Branch Office), Stefania Zen (Rome Tuscany and Apulia Branch Office), and the Lake Como planners Team were present at these events:
2018: Palermo, Italy – Rosalia and Emilio (host planner Sandra Santoro)
2019: Panama City, Panama – Yaibis and Manuel (host planner Judy Amado)
2019: Lisbon, Portugal – Sofia and Jose (host planner Rui Mota Pinto)
2021: Lisbon, Portugal – Margarita and Jose (host planner Rui Mota Pinto)


From Darkness to Fairytale

Cristina is a cancer survivor, and we decided to support her cause to create awareness around the world of ovarian cancer

Italian Wedding Company Team with Ti Amo Ti Sposo Wedding by Sabrina Gambato and amazing vendors, professionals, and collaborators decided to give a unique wedding to a special couple: Cristina and Dario and their “From Darkness to Fairytale” themed wedding. Cristina is a cancer survivor, and we decided to support her cause to create awareness around the world of ovarian cancer. You can read their full story here.

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