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Here you can find some of most frequently ask questions by our couples.
A little guide to help you better understand how this exciting journey works.

My reception venue already has an in-house wedding coordinator, do you think I would really need a wedding planner?

Venue’s in house wedding coordinators and wedding planners are two different professionals with two different jobs.
A wedding coordinator in a venue manages the venue itself and he or she will look mostly at venue’s needs. In example caterers or set up or set off.

A wedding planner is at your service and she or he is your right arm. A wedding planner ensure a fantastic wedding day in Italy!
As the matter of fact, we manage all professionals involved in the wedding day, ceremony, wedding day timelines, set-up, decoration, guests etc. We are your personal directors and your personal assistants on the day. A wedding planner is completely focused on your needs and wishes to make sure that your vision is delivered and nailed. We are here to make you enjoy the day and make sure that all runs smoothly.

Can you plan our destination wedding if we don’t come over to visit in Italy?

Sure! If you cannot come over and you cannot plan an inspection visit in Italy before the wedding, we can plan all remotely via email and skype or calls. Do not worry!

How much we will communicate during our wedding planning?

Email or phone communication are unlimited! You can email, call or text as much as you think it is necessary and we will do the same!
Our goal is to ensure you are always in the loop, feeling confident in the proceedings. We try to keep a very high responsiveness.

Will you be there with us on the day of the wedding up to the end of the party?

Sure! We don’t work with an hourly contract, we are by your side from the beginning to the end of the event. We will manage all professionals and deliver all services to give you a stress free experience.

This are for our standard contracts but there are also partial ones that do not include our presence on the day if you do not want to. But this needs to be specified accordingly.

Will you work only with professionals you suggest or can you work with professionals we choose and you do not know?

We can suggest amazing professionals with a great experience over weddings in our areas. However we are happy to work with professionals you chose and coordinate them in the same way. 

Do you help us with all paperwork for religious and civil wedding ceremonies?

Sure! We are going to follow you step by step in the process giving all precise information and procedures. We will also liaise with churches and town halls or suggest English speaking priests or interpreters if neede. 

I have been divorced. Can I have a destination wedding in Italy?

You can have a civil ceremony in Italy after 300 days since the day of the decree absolute.  Religious wedding in a church is allowed only if first wedding annulled by the Catholic church in your country. This is very important.

Is a civil marriage legal in our own country?

Yes it is! We will follow on this procedure too. We are going to explain what steps to take to be sure that your Italian wedding in registered in your own country.

Do you plan same-sex weddings?

Absolutely! We are happy and proud to serve all couples. 

Will you eat or drink during the reception and what we need to do to make you comfortable on the day, working for us?

A wedding planning presence can last from 10, 12, and even 14 hour working and most of the time standing.
A meal or noursishment is much appreciated to be served during your reception and same for the professionals that are working with and for you.
We will not have any alcohol or join your guests in the bar or on the dance floor. 

What is the best time in the year for a destination wedding in Italy?

We can suggest from April to October. Weather is nice sunny and mild. April and October can have chilly evenings and August could be very hot but all months are great.
However if you are thinking about a winter wedding with snow we suggest December, January, February and in some cases even March.

Why do I need to declare my budget in my request form?

It is a very important for us to have an idea of the budget you have in mind. Please consider that we do not want to be rude or ask you a lot of money. We just need to understand what are your ideas in order to suggest the right destination or the right venue for your ideas and make you feel comfortable in the choice and the planning. 

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