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Our story step by step

Italian Wedding Company our milestones

Even if 2008 is the official year of foundation of Italian Wedding Company group, the project started in 2007. It was born thanks a lucky chance meeting between Mauro and Valentina. Valentina at that time was starting her new career as wedding planner, a new path she took after 8 years as a event planner for a multinational software company. Mauro was a webmaster with more than 10 years of experience in wedding business. From this great synergy and with a hard work our first thematic web site was born: Italian Lakes Wedding.
Since then we added many challenging chapters to our history and we are sure there are more still to come!

September 2007

The Foundation Stone

Valentina and Mauro start working on a project entirely on destination weddings on Italian Lakes.

November 2007

Italian Lakes Wedding

The new site is on line and its name is Italian Lakes Wedding.

18 March 2008

Italian Lakes Wedding blog is live

Here starts officially the story of our Team

January 2009

Partnership with SposiamoVi group

Here starts the partnership with SposiamoVi group and Milan office with our planner Alessandra and Rome office with our planner Stefania join Italian Lakes Wedding Team.

November 2009

Italian Country Wedding

On Valentina's idea thanks to her great work on the project Italian Country Wedding blog is on line. A site for Country destination weddings in Italy.

December 2010

Italian Rome Wedding

Thanks to Stefania's fantastic work Italian Rome Wedding is on line. The site totally dedicated to destination weddings in Rome.

January 2011

Katiuscia joins the group

Katiuscia, our planner for Venice and Lake Garda joins Italian Lakes Wedding Team.

February 2011

Italian Seaside Wedding

Italian Seaside Wedding the site dedicated to weddings on seaside destination in Italy goes live.

December 2012

New branch office in Puglia

Here our partneship with SposiamoVi group ends and Apilia office joins officially our Team.

March 2013

New thematic sites go live

With lot of creativity and enthusiasm our team style and launch 4 new thematic sites during the year: Italian Ethnic Wedding for cultural and multiethic weddings in Italy, Italian Winter Wedding for those you are looking for a winter wonderland event in Italy and Elope in Italy for all who are thinking about a romantic elope in bella Italia.

March 2014

Network Goes Live

Italian Wedding Company site on line marks the real beginning network is complete.

January 2018

New branch office in Sicily

Giovanna, with her office based in Catania, joins the group. She follows destinations wedding in Sicily.

May 2019

Italian Wedding Company site restyle

Italian Wedding Company new web site is on line. A new graphic and better look and feel.
Stay tuned for the next chapters of our adventure!

January 2021

Great news!

Veronica is the new leading planner for Lake Garda, Veneto and Venice
Federica is the new leading planner for Lake Como and Lombardy region

May 2023

New branch offices in Dolomites and Italian Riviera

Chai and Carola join the team following respectively Dolomite Alps and Sud Tyrol and Italian Riviera

May 2024

New branch office in Sardinia

Billy join the Team following Sardinia Island

Junne 2024

New thematic site go live

In occasion of the Pride Month we launch Italian LGBTQ Wedding website with executive Manager Fabio.

Token Roadmap

Our Wedding NETWORK

Italian Wedding Company is proud to be share with you its web site and blog network to let you enjoy and discover destination weddings in Italy

Our very first thematic site. Discover all our wonderful location for your dreamy destination wedding on Italian Lakes.


Romantic small lakes as Lake Orta, luxury destinations as Lake Maggiore and Lake Como or that special Mediterranean flair on Lake Garda and amazing lakes close to Rome Lake Bracciano and Lake Tasimeno.
Don’t miss the charm of a wedding on Italian Lakes!

Looking for a very special intimate elope in Italy? This is the web site for you.
We believe that elopements can be incredibly romantic and we can suggest here the best destinations for your romantic wedding for two.
Rome, Venice, Florence, Lakes, Seaside and even mountains could be the perfect settings for an adventuous and enchanting dream to live in Italy!

Vineyards, rolling hills, cellars for wine tasting, country setting and flowers from meadows. Are you keen for a Country wedding in Italy? Get inspired on our thematic site. You can find here amazing country destinations such as famous Tuscany and Umbria but even off beaten track destinations such as Piemonte Countryside, Valpolicella in Veneto and even some country locations in Southern Apulia and Sicily.

What we can say about Rome that is not said already? Rome is a dream, the eternal city. The cradle of Western culture. If you are planning a wedding or an elope in this enchanting city you cannot miss our thematic site. You can find many inspirations, amazing churches such as St. Peter’s Abbey or breathtaking reception venues such as terraces or villas or grand palaces overlooking Rome skyline.

Do you want to have a wedding in Italy still keeping that special touch of your own traditions? We are pleased and happy to help you! Our team of skillful planners can hep you to create the best fusion and cultural event for your destination wedding in Italy. We can give you many ideas and suggestions to make your dream come true. Scottish, Indian, Russian, Chinese, African, Mexican, Persian weddings Italy can be incredibly magic.

Mediterranean sea is surely one of Italy’s greatest richness.
If you are keen for a seaside wedding in Italy our thematic site will give you many ideas.
Warm, weather, delicious food, a reception dinner under the stars with hundreds fairy lights…is this what you have in mind?
Italian Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Apulia and even Venice are waiting for you!

Are you a ski or snowboard lover? Are you dreaming about a winter wonderland wedding in the snow? Highest Alps destinations are waiting for you. Our thematic site can help you to find the best location for your winter wedding in Italy! Dolomite Alps, Piemonte Alps can host your event in romantic chalet in the snow but we can also suggest amazing city of arts for a winter elopement such as Rome, Venice or even Turin or Milan.


A team of expert planners for your special wedding in Italy

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