Tell Your Italian Wedding Story

A beautiful story telling of a destination wedding in Italy written by brides and grooms and our planners.

Black Friday Deal

It is the first time we plan a Black Friday Deal, and we are celebrating this!
We usually do not post about our blog details as deals expire, but we really wanted to celebrate what we thought for our brides and grooms.
The Black Friday deal will last two weeks. It will be accessible to all couples from all over the world who choose us to have their destination wedding in Italy.

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Microwedding in Italy

Minimatrimony, Sequel Wedding, Elopement and Microwedding in Italy

Minimatrimony, Microweddings, Sequel Weddings and Elopments. A lot of new words to describe weddings in these during and after Coronavirus pandemic. It is a brand new label to describe what was already in our core Italian destination wedding business. Smaller and more private events could be the ideal way to get back to the true feeling of such as special day.

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Wedding in Malcesine Lake Garda

Georgina and Darran

Kat was a fantastic help in organising our wedding in Malcesine, particularly as it was at quite short notice and being from the UK with no knowledge of the Italian language we were unsure of the legalities which needed to be completed in advance. She was always quick to respond to our queries and took care of the Italian translation of our documents and the Italian side of the legal process.

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