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Coronavirus COVID-19 and your destination wedding in Italy

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After some days of different news we decided to write for you an official communication written directly by our planners. They are working hard to make all our couples dreams come true in spite of all.
As you all know now in these days and up to April 3rd Italy is completely locked down.

We are still able to make your dream wedding come true!

“As soon as we knew the news, we all sent a message to our couples to reassure them and be sure that we were by their side” says Valentina our coordinator for Piemonte region and general coordinator of all planners of the Team. “We needed to give a strong signal that we are here to work for them anyway and be flexible.”

So for any information you may need on Coronavirus COVID-19 and your destination wedding in Italy feel free to contact our support team

IMPORTANT: Please feel free to get in touch with us even if you are not a client or if you do not have signed a formal contract with us. We are happy to provide support and help anyway to all coples who may need it. We are putting our skills at your service.
Our planners will be happy to give all indications, support and help.

Our planner Alessandra working on Lake Como says:

Coronavirus destination wedding on Lake Como

Alessandra Fabi

“We keep on planning for the plan A – all is solved in the nest weeks and all events can be done – but we are also working to provide a very good plan B with alternative dates or economical conditions for payments.

We are all re arrange agendas of all vendors, venues and professionals involved”

Stefania our planner for Rome, Amalfi Coast and Apulia adds:

coronavirus destination wedding in Rome

Stefania Zen

“We work with the same passion and enthusiasm tone able to make our couples’ Italian dream come true.
If we need to pospone dates we will all do with our vendors and suppliers.

We are all happy to teamwork to find the best solution for our brides and groom and their destination wedding in Italy”

Also added Giovanna our planner for Sicily:

coronavirus destination wedding in Sicily

Giovanna Leonardi

“We can find new solutions, we can stay closer even if we live far away. The silver lining that universe gave us is, perhaps, the reinvented sense of community.

Italian Wedding Company did not experienced real cancellations but rather postponed dates especially for the first weddings of the season (March and April).”

Katuscia our planner for Venice and Lake Garda also added to what Giovanna said:

coronavirus destination wedding in Venice

Katiuscia Minozzi

“All our couples are keeping on having trust and confidence in our words and they are keeping on planning their events with us with plan B available of course. They did not cancel their events but they only postponed them. I really see this as a positive sign and most of all an incredible trust in our service.
This is a public thanks to all of them.”

Valentina also underlined what Katiuscia mentioned:

coronavirus destination wedding in Italy

Valentina Lombardi

“We received lots of love from couples for the upcoming weddings but also for weddings we planned in the past.
All our couples are still in love with the idea of having their destination wedding in Italy.

Italy is loved all over the world and people are supporting us sending us all their trust and confidence”.

If you would like to get real information about current Coronavirus situation in Italy please ask us directly as we realised that there are many fake news all over the web. We will be honest and sincere about the situation. Do not hesitate to ask we will provide an immediate reply.

You can also join this group on Facebook
It has been created by Belief Wedding Creators to give a complete support for vendors, professionals and most of all couples planning their weddings not only in Italy but all over the world. We as destination wedding planners but also many of our associated vendors are part of answering members so we can give a complete overview on Coronavirus COVID-19 and your destination wedding in Italy.
Let’s stay close and let’s stay together. We are sure that will rise back stronger than ever.

For any information you may need on Coronavirus COVID-19 and your destination wedding in Italy feel free to contact our support team

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