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Destination wedding in Taormina

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Giovanna Leonardi wedding planner in Sicily

I can still remember yesterday as the unforgettable Alyssa and Robert’s wedding in Taormina !!! How can we not remember a day full of emotions, tears of joy, beauty and love.

I met Robert and Alyssa just a few days before the wedding for the first time . Although we did not know each other we immediately got tuned. Their sweetness and kindness lead us to plan an elegant and refined wedding in Taormina as the couple wanted. But the most exciting moment was seeing them crying in front of the altar of the small church of Savoca…
An explosion of joy and love that involved everyone in the land of Godfather!!!
Giovanna Leonardi, wedding planner in Sicily

Alyssa and Robert
tell you about their wedding in Taormina


Our May 24, 2019 wedding in Taormina was planned flawlessly by Giovanna. My husband and I had our dream wedding, which we made happen in record time for both a religious and legal standpoint. We were blown away by the decor, the venues and the service. We will remember this amazing trip and day for years to come. Our wedding in Taormina was stress-free from a day of standpoint thanks to all of Giovanna’s hard work scheduling appointments and setting up decorations. The bride, groom and bridal parties need not stress about anything! Well worth the money spent. Would relive this day over and over again if we could.

Get married both legally and religiously in Sicily

My husband and I had originally planned to get married in Philadelphia, PA, USA in October 2020 but when we found out about a family health issue in March 2019, we quickly changed our minds. We decided to get married in a destination ceremony on an already planned trip to Sicily in May 2019. That didn’t leave a lot of time to get everything in order. We had decided to get married both legally and religiously in Italy, while also having some our closest friends & our immediate families there to attend as well.

Thanks to Giovanna, we were able to achieve this goal! Not only did everything go smoothly for our legal marriage and our religious ceremony, but the decor, transportation, entertainment and food was even better than we had hoped. Obviously, when planning a wedding from the USA it was quite anxiety inducing to feel so “hands off” with the detailed planning portion of the event, but Giovanna involved us in every aspect of our wedding in Taormina.

Our Sicilian wedding: an incredible experience!

Giovanna contacted us daily to give us updates and provide us with options. When some details were out of our financial budget, she allowed us to make compromises and was honest in telling us what could be compromised and what could not.

The day of was not stressful at all. Giovanna kept us on a tight schedule with timing, and made sure everything arrived promptly. For our Sicilian wedding I put my trust in her for a make-up artist for my bridesmaids, and a hair stylist for my bridesmaids and myself. It was difficult for me to be “hands off” with this but it was well worth it. Her choices were astounding. We would relive this day over and over again if we could! Our families say the same.
Our wedding in Taormina was an all around incredible experience that will never be forgotten.

– Alyssa and Robert

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