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Our Perfect Wedding in Orta San Giulio

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I’m pleased to tell you the story of Tracey and Douglas’ destination wedding in Orta San Giulio.
It was one of the sweetest wedding I planned in 2018. I met this lovely couple some months before their wedding and we started to plan their special event with a great emotional feeling. We discovered soon we had a lot in common and similar tastes so finding the right ideas for their wedding plans was fun for both sides: planners and couple. If the wedding planning was smooth and very fun for all the wedding itself was more fun if possible.

We were honoured to share such an important day with Tracey, Douglas and their family and friends. The Scottish flair they gave to the event was really evocative and the reception with party to follow was nice, relaxed and sweet as only a wedding in Orta San Giulio could be. The perfect day for the perfect couple.

Thanks guys for choosing us!
Valentina Lombardi, Lake Orta wedding planner

Tracey and Douglas
tell you about their wedding in Orta San Giulio


A great Team

We got married in Lake Orta on the 7th September 2018.
The wedding in Orta San Giulio was amazing and I think it’s fair to say that everyone was blown away with the whole thing.From start to finish everything worked really well, Valentina and Ernesto at the Italian Lakes Wedding (a branch of Italian Wedding Company) certainly know their stuff!

Ernesto makes you feel at ease and Valentina makes you feel special. They are a great team and nothing is too much trouble for them.
One of their recommendations was to host a pizza/pasta party in “Venus” the night before the wedding and that was a real hit with our guests. The pizza just kept on coming and stayed hot, and people particularly commented on how good the red wine was. And seeing everyone the night before made the next day a lot easier, I thought!

Our big day on Lake Orta

Initially the weather forecast held thunder and lightning for the wedding day, but Valentina told us to stay positive and as usual she was right.
I don’t think we could have been any luckier with the weather, although some of the boys in kilts would possibly have preferred it to be a bit cooler!

From start to finish everything on the wedding day was fabulous.
The hairdresser and make-up artist that Valentina had organised were superb. They came to the apartment, made us look good (!) and were calming and easy to work with.
They both did a great job, I was really pleased.

The boat ride to the ceremony

I thoroughly enjoyed the short boat ride to the ceremony, which took place at the town hall. I had been thinking that it was a bit over the top, but it gave me a giggle at the time and made me and my young bridesmaids feel like we were being spoilt. It was quite a treat.
The setting for the ceremony was just beautiful. The town hall provides perfectly manicured gardens, in full bloom, overlooking the lake and surrounded by the beautiful Italian buildings. Everyone just adored the setting, it was really stunning.

For our wedding in Orta San Giulio Valentina had organised a harpist who was wonderful and I think was the calming effect Dougie, the groom, was needing. Everyone really enjoyed the harpist, the lady was very good and set the atmosphere for the ceremony.

They really made us feel welcome

The lady and gentleman who conducted the ceremony were just lovely and very professional. We were not sure what to expect really, and they really made us feel welcome, that they were delighted to have us there. The translator was witty and we all had a laugh with him. We were delighted to receive the book of Orta San Giulio, and it takes pride of place in our home.

Valentina and Ernesto were on hand every step of the way, running ahead to ensure that everything was well organised. Every detail was as we had agreed before the big day.
The wee walk down the street was an unexpected surprise for everyone, with bystanders clapping, and there were several photos taken off the men in their kilts.

The feedback from our guests

The feedback from our guests was that they felt really special and felt like it was a Hollywood wedding!
Everyone also really enjoyed the ice cream in the main square, I am really glad we went for that, it was a great recommendation from Valentina.

And then back to Venus again for Prosecco! The staff in Venus were brilliant, they looked after us very well both days we were there.
And then to the boat rides… Ernesto had arranged for us to go to St Julius Island for photographs and it was lovely and so quiet. We were itching to get back to the party I have to say, but it was a lovely interlude really. Andrea, the photographer from Independent Pictures, was very professional and kind and encouraged us to chill out.
that will listen, that it was like something out of a glossy magazine!

The meal at the restaurant was wonderful

When we arrived, again we felt really special. The guests hadn’t noticed that we weren’t already there, so we made quite an entrance. I just loved getting off the boat to the song we had chosen. I had forgotten we had done that, so it was a nice surprise!
The Aperitivo were fabbie by the way! Our guests thought they were delicious as did we.
Valentina had gotten to the restaurant earlier and had set out the tables exactly as we had asked, with decoration, favours and the seating plan. She did a brilliant job and the whole place looked stunning as the sun went down over the lake.
The meal itself at the restaurant was wonderful. People have particularly commented on the cauliflower soufflé, the pear risotto and the sea bass. But everything that Carlo cooked was fantastic, it was all cooked to perfection.

One night left at the end of our holiday

We had one night left at the end of our holiday and we went back to Lake Orta just so that we could eat there again and try something else. Again, it was wonderful. Enrico looked after us very well on both visits. To be honest I am looking forward to going back again.
The restaurant had put together a ‘cheese’ cake for us; it looked great and it had melt in the mouth cheeses.

We used “Audiodress” (another great recommendation from Valentina) for the music all evening. From start to finish “Audiodress” were brilliant to deal with. They always responded really quickly when we wrote to them. I loved the DJ, I thought he was great, and he played everything we had organised, even down to the Ceilidh dancing!

Our special wedding in Orta San Giulio

So we just want to say, Valentina and Ernesto, thank you both very very much. We thoroughly enjoyed our wedding in Orta San Giulio and I am actively encouraging someone else (anyone) to do the same so that we can go along and be a guest. And I will be encouraging them to use your services. Some of the guests have commented that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Many of the guests have commented that the whole day was very relaxed, and why would it not be with Italian Lakes Wedding in charge, we had nothing to worry about!
We honestly cannot thank you enough. Once you arrived, I knew everything was taken care of. You know everyone and have obviously chosen the best people to work with. Every single part of the wedding in Orta San Giulio was exactly as we had arranged, the team that you put together were all excellent, and you made our dream wedding a reality. We both wish we could do it all again!

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