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Beautiful Italian Wedding Traditions to Inspire You

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At the Italian Wedding Company, we plan and celebrate exquisite, traditional Italian weddings all over Italy. We believe in the power of an Italian wedding to make your special day unique, memorable, and significant to you, your partner, and your families. We plan and celebrate a wide range of weddings in the Italian tradition, like Roman Catholic, Legal Civil, Protestant, Symbolic, Jewish, and same-sex ceremonies.

If you would love to get married in Italy or to give your wedding an Italian flavour, we shared some of our favourite Italian wedding traditions with Blue Nile, the world’s leading online retailer of diamond engagement and wedding rings.

Add Italian flair to your wedding

The idea of an Italian wedding is a dream for many. Italian weddings are all about landscapes, warmth, delicious food, and wines.

A Roman Catholic ceremony in a beautiful Italian church is commonly depicted in films and books throughout history, which is why many people have this vision for their own big day.

You can turn this dream into a reality when planning a wedding with us. We have teams that each specialize in a particular Italian region or territory. So whether it’s a reception on Tuscan hills, in a Lake Villa, or on Mediterranean shores, we can meet any request to add that Italian flair to your special day.

Beautiful Italian Wedding Traditions to Inspire You

A traditional Italian wedding menu

We know that Italian’s love food, and it’s no different when it comes to weddings.

Italian weddings place a significant focus on food, and the meals differ according to the region.

In general, weddings will have a rich buffet aperitif with local cheeses, cold cuts, finger food, fried bits, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of Prosecco and wine. After that, a three-course meal will be served. Expect Antipasto, either warm or cold, a Primo of pasta or risotto, Secondo of fish or meat with side vegetables and then a dessert to lead to the wedding cake or just the wedding cake. Italian wedding cakes are particularly delicious; usually, a one-tiered cake made with mille-feuille or sponge cake with fresh cream or fresh fruit on top.

Beautiful Italian Wedding Traditions to Inspire You

Italian wedding traditions: Our favorite

There are plenty of Italian wedding traditions that we love, but our favorite is a charming custom that we call CONFETTI.

Not to be confused with the little bits of paper that are impossible to clean up, Italian wedding confetti is sugarcoated almonds.

It is part of any Italian celebration such as baptisms, first communions, confirmations, and weddings! Confetti is collected in little boxes or bags, and they come in groups of five to symbolize health, wealth, fertility, happiness, and longevity. It is a long-time tradition that brings good luck to the bride and groom. The little wedding favors are given to the guests with a small gift or a lovely decoration, and they’re delicious!

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