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Angela and Charlie | Wedding in Southern Italy

Wedding in Sicily a dream by Mediterranean Sea

Angela and Charlie

If you are thinking about a wedding in Sicily, it means that you love the sea, nature, history, real traditions and amazing Sicilian cuisine!

Sicily is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the world and one of the best wedding destination in Italy. It is located very south of the Italian country and offers a wide choice of romantic destination. Each of them has a special beauty to show: Taormina, Etna Volcano, Marzamemi, Catania, Cyclops Riviera are all waiting for your romantic wedding in Sicily.
We cannot forget about smaller islands around Sicily: Egadi Islands, Pantellaeria, Panarea, and Aeolian Islands. Climate here is mild all year, Africa is very close!
So you can even think about a winter mild wedding in Sicily!

If all this is not enough you can think about amazing Sicilia cuisine. You can get many choices: delicious fish dishes, fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits. Everything here grows under a hot sun. And what about Sicilian desserts? Cannoli, Cassata… all perfect for your wedding cake!

A wonderful wedding at Norman Castle on Cyclops Riviera – Sicily

Angela and Charlie are a young American couple who decide to tie the knot in Sicily. To make their dream come true they asked for Giovanna’ help. Giovanna is our wedding planner for Sicily.
Giovanna’s office is located not far from Catania. Their choice was perfect a wedding planner located directly on site with a wide experience and knowledge of the territory.

Bride and groom chose Cyclops Riviera for their dreamy wedding. It is a lovely coastal area Northen Catania. The coast is designed by Etna Volcano. Its lava created strange rocks and steep cliffs on clear waters of Mediterranean sea.
Its name comes from Polyphemus the mythological character of Homer’s Odissey. Polyphemus blinded by Ulysses removed these Etna rocks and threw them on him and his fellow escaping from Cyclops.

Civil ceremony was planned at a Norman Castle on a terrace facing the sea and Cyclops Riviera. A wonderful sun made the day and the ceremony just perfect. What a great Italian wedding by the sea.

Reception to follow was planned in a traditional Sicilian restauranton the shores. A great dinner and party up to late at night: dances, fireworks and a great wedding cake created by a local pastry chef. A great conclusion for Angela and Charlie’s wonderful Sicilian wedding!

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