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Valpolicella | Veneto countryside

Villa Cordevigo a wedding among Valpolicella rolling hills and vineyards

As wedding planner working for destination weddings in Veneto region I planned several events in this special venue. In this post I would love to share with you my experience and the reasons I think this is one of the best wedding venues in Italy.
I love to remember Elaine and Kevin’s luxury wedding among all weddings I planned in Valpolicella. They planned their destination wedding in Villa Cordevigo. In this page I’m telling you my experience as wedding planner at Villa Cordevigo and Elaine and Kevin’s story in detail.

Villa Cordevigo is located in Valpolicella, a wonderful country region located between Lake Garda and Verona.
Valpolicella is well known all over the world for its famous vineyards producing amazing Italian wines such as delicious Prosecco.

We plan a lot of wonderful destination weddings in Valpolicella. We planned wonderful and luxury weddings with amazing views and a very intimate and discreet atmosphere.

Kevin and Elaine chose Villa Cordevigo for their destination wedding in Italy. The villa is a luxury wine Relais located in the heart of Valpolicella. This choice means uniqueness, splendour and unconditional intimacy. Peaceful Italian garden and majestic villa offer to our eyes a view that exceed our imagination.

This patrician house is surely the most luxury wedding venue in Valpolicella. The villa can be rented also for a relaxing holiday in Italy. It has all faculties that you can ask for.

If you choose this incredible wedding venue, our planner Katiuscia Minozzi can help you to organise your special day according to your expectations and make your dream come true!

Wedding in Villa Cordevigo

Villa Cordevigo is located just 20 minutes far from Lake Garda shore and from romantic Verona, Romeo and Juliet’s city!
It is an ancient patrician house. It was built around 16th century. it’s framed by an amazing natural scenario made by secular trees and vineyards.
The majestic architecture shows us geometric lines while the Italian garden host a wonderful fountain.
And to get in the villa mood have a look to Kevin and Elaine’s photos and feel the atmosphere rich of charm!

Italian food, what amazing experience!

Villa Cordevigo has restaurant with a lovely terrace overlooking the vineyards and a pool area.
The chef has 1 star michelin and his cuisine is simply delicious.
He has in his menu traditional local dishes combined by an aristocratic touch. The pleasure of his food and his culinary art are the main ingredients to capture your senses.

A relaxing stay in the wonderful rooms of Villa Cordevigo

Villa Cordevigo is one of the best venues in Valpolicella also for its accommodation solutions.
There are 33 beautiful rooms featuring precious marbles, wooden furniture and countless details all around thm. The rooms at the first floor have classic style while the ones at the top roof have a chic country style.
You can choose the room you prefer according to your feeling and expectations. Whatever rooms you choose, your vacation will be absolutely relaxed and pleasant.

We are so grateful to our fantastic photographer Enrico Celotto for these amazing images taken at Kevin and Elaine’s wedding in Villa Cordevigo, Valpolicella vineyards.
This is surely a wonderful luxury wedding in Italy!

Kevin and Elaine’s wedding

As soon as visited Villa Cordevigo Elaine and Kevin immediately fell in love with atmospehre of the venue. I still remember our first meeting when I guided them through the Italian garden, the patrician villa and the secular park, the simply loved it.
They had no doubts. They organised all the accommodation for all their guests at the villa itself so they enjoyed a fun holiday with the family and friends in a relaxing venue.

The ceremony took place in a church not far from Villa Cordevigo. The lovely little church is located up the hill. It has an breathtaking view over Lake Garda. So it was a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the hills and the lake! Enchanting!

Bride and groom rented vintage car, a MG Roadster and after the wedding ceremony they drove along the ancient roads and the vineyards to reach their guests at Villa Cordevigo. The choice of the car has been so great, it seemed to be in a movie surrounded nature and the old ways marked by ancient cypresses.

Kevin and Elaine asked me to organise the day assuring the most comfort for all their guests with a fluent and easy logistic. We also created created a corner with the italian ice-cream as the kids could enjoy the day!

A great dinner party in Villa Cordevigo

We planned the welcome aperitif in the terrace under the villa overlooking the secular park. In this area we enjoyed a cool relaxin atmosphere among the trees.
The season they chose was perfect as in October the vineyards have a great range of colours and the fall season assured us a comfortable sunny day, not too hot!

Bride and groom and their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner in the inside majestic room of the restaurant.

After dinner the party could start. Dances inside the villa were crazy! As the matter of fact Kevin asked to all his guests to suggest 2-3 songs for the after dinner party, so the DJ played all the best songs guests chose! Kevin and Elaine really wanted to offer a fun and involving experience to their guests.

Bride and groom’s approach was absolutely fantastic. They privileged the unity of family and friends across the choice of the venue and the activities. Villa Cordevigo has been a perfect wedding venue for them to enjoy a great time all together.

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