Wedding at Palazzo Cavalli

Your wonderful ceremony in the heart of Venice

Your wonderful ceremony in the heart of Venice

Why you should get married in Venice? Where your wedding ceremony in Venice can take place?
I would love to tell you more about this amazing city full of charm. I’m sure you will fall in love with it!
I have been working as wedding planner in Venice for almost 10 years and I know all its peculiarities. Among all I love planning my weddings at Palazzo Cavalli, the most well-known palace that can host a legal civil ceremony in Venice.

A wedding in Venice

Thousand of little islands make up the city. You can travel across Venice beautiful canals enjoy breathtaking views and a magic atmosphere.

You can move around the city by foot or by boat. However, if you decide to plan your wedding at Palazzo Cavalli you can have a room in a hotel walking distance from it. In this case you could reach your ceremony venue just walking to it. You can even decide to set your accommodation in other further areas, and take a boat or a gondola to reach Palazzo Cavalli for your lovely ceremony. That would be a wonderful experience!

Palazzo Cavalli will have that special magic atmosphere rich of charm that can make your special wedding in Venice simply unforgettable.

Your wedding at Palazzo Cavalli

Palazzo Cavalli was built in XVI century. it is located near Rialto Bridge, one of the most important spot in Venice. The sixteenth-century facade is really majestic.
The palace is mainly known because in XIX century it hosted the famous American writer James Fenimore Cooper.
Near the palace you can find the most ancient part of the city: the fish market. Here venetians used to meet and still do. It is the spot where you can feel the real traditional and local atmosphere.

Palazzo Cavalli has a wonderful hall on the first floor with a with venetian window called “quadrifora”. Its balcony is perfect for your wedding photos. You can capture a breathtaking view over the city.
A precious typical venetian floor made by marble colourful cobbles makes the scenario brilliant and very lively.
You can walk through the amazing hall and experience the grand atmosphere, its history and the traditions are a perfect frame for your wedding at Palazzo Cavalli.

Other lovely venues for a civil ceremony in Venice

Most of the couples choose a wedding at Palazzo Cavalli because the palace is intimate and it offers a great view over the Grand canal.

But this is not the only option you have for a civil ceremony in Venice!
Venice Municipality can give you the availability of Palazzo Lorendan, Palazzo Farsetti e Palazzo Vendramin.

All of them are located in the centre of the city overlooking Grand Canal.
All options are wonderful for different reasons and you can choose the most suitable venue according to your feeling and budget!

The best way to reach Palazzo Cavalli

Venice is a wonderful city, however you need to consider its unusual logistic that makes it a unique city all over the world.

You can easily move around the city by foot, personally I think it’s the most beautiful way to experience the local atmosphere. In that case I recommend a local hotel not far from the ceremony venue. A nice 5/6 minutes walk can be perfect and relaxing.
In case you have a hotel far from your ceremony venue, the most interesting way to reach the Palazzo Cavalli is the boat.
Venice has motor boats that can take you quickly around the city in case of nice or poor weather.

Alternatively you can hire a gondola and travel across the narrow and quiet canals. Of course a gondola is slower than the motor boat but it is so romantic!
My suggestion is to enjoy your trip across the city. It can add a special touch to your wedding at Palazzo Cavalli!

Discover the city after your ceremony

After your wedding at Palazzo Cavalli the most lively part of the special day starts: wedding photos!
Venice has many different corners in the heart of the city and in its surroundings.
You can easily reach St Mark square by a pleasant walk and take some amazing photos here.

But if you don’t want to lose the most beautiful sceneries you should take a motor boat and reach some spots hardly reachable by foot. Around the city there are several islands, all of them have specific local activities and peculiarity. I highly recommend to discover the most unknown corners as they have a special charm who can give a personalised touch to your special wedding in Venice.

Enjoy your wedding at Palazzo Cavalli

As you probably understood, a wedding at Palazzo Cavalli can be organised in different ways. You can set your accommodation in the heart of the city or in its surroundings, you can reach the ceremony venue by foot or by boat and after the ceremony you can move through the heart of the city by foot or take a boat and reach the islands. Anyway whatever you decide to do a wedding at Palazzo Cavalli will be always very special!
I’ll be more than happy to listen your ideas and create a tailor made destination wedding following to your vision.

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