Ernesto Troncarelli

Wedding Manager

Ernesto Troncarelli works with Valentina in Piemonte region. He works on Italian Lakes Wedding and Italian Country Wedding web sites.


He is a wedding planner but most of all he is our logistic and finance manager and paperwork expert for weddings in Piemonte.
He works in Piemonte region and he is Valentina Lombardi’s colleague. He is Italian mother tongue but he also speaks fluently English and French.


He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and before working as wedding coordinator, he worked as Engineer in France and for a multinational American software company. After these experiences he decided to apply engineering criteria to wedding planning helping Valentina with the wedding she plans. As the matter of fact he works as Logistic and Finance manager for Piemonte area. He is in charge of all logistics details: bride and groom and guests accommodation, transfers, day before or day after events, side activities, finance and most of all all legal paperwork for a legal marriage in Italy.


He loves music, theatre, Italian food and winter and water sports. He is also a great communicator, a precise planner and problem solver.


He will help you to have every logistic detail under control so you can enjoy all fun parts of the planning with no stress.