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Ernesto Troncarelli

Logistic and finance manager and paperwork expert.



Wedding manager

We have been lucky to meet Valentina and Ernesto

“We have been lucky to meet Valentina and Ernesto. They have so well taken care of us and so well organized our intimate wedding ın Barbaresco ! Nothing went wrong and all their advices, for example the site of the wedding, the hotel we stayed, etc. You can trust them faithfully. Hope we’ll keep in touch!”

Anne and Michel

Married on 05/09/2018

Ernesto Troncarelli works with Valentina in Piemonte region. He works on Italian Lakes Wedding and Italian Country Wedding web sites.

He is a wedding planner but most of all he is our logistic and finance manager and paperwork expert for weddings in Piemonte.
Ernesto works in Piemonte region and he is Valentina Lombardi’s colleague. He is Italian mother tongue but he also speaks fluently English and French.

He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and before working as wedding coordinator, he worked as Engineer in France and for a multinational American software company. After these experiences he decided to apply engineering criteria to wedding planning helping Valentina with the wedding she plans. As the matter of fact he works as Logistic and Finance manager for Piemonte area. He is in charge of all logistics details: bride and groom and guests accommodation, transfers, day before or day after events, side activities, finance and most of all all legal paperwork for a legal marriage in Italy.

Ernesto loves music, theatre, Italian food and winter and water sports. He is also a great communicator, a precise planner and problem solver.

He will help you to have every logistic detail under control so you can enjoy all fun parts of the planning with no stress.

Good communication


Problem solving


Budget and negotiation


Attention to details


The best decision to choose Italian Wedding Company as our wedding planners

“The best decision to choose Italian Wedding Company as our wedding planners – Ernesto, Valentina and Silvia were fantastic to work with. We had our wedding on Lake Orta, which was suggested to us by the Italian Wedding Company – and what a beautiful location, a great suggestion! Valentina had many great ideas and contacts, Silvia was present on our wedding day and did a wonderful job ( very friendly, approachable and professional) and Ernesto helped us out a lot with the paperwork (which we had some issues with!)! All of those involved with our wedding day did an amazing job and all were suggested by Valentina and Ernesto. Our day was truly magical and we couldn’t have done without the Italian Wedding Company! Thank you so much for an unforgettable day!”

Emma and Levi

Married on 08/05/2017

A beautifully sunny small family wedding at Lake Orta

“Valentina and Ernesto helped us to organise a beautifully sunny small family wedding at Lake Orta. The photographer, Enrico Mocci, has captured the wonderful elements that made the day wonderful. The venue (Orta Town Hall), the wonderful flowers, the delicious meal at Ustaria Cal da Rat and having all of our family there, relaxed and happy as everything had been organised so well in advance, made for a memorable day.”

Amy and Evan

Married on 08/03/2017

They stayed in touch constantly throughout the organization process

“Valentina, Ernesto and Silvia were simply amazing. They helped us have the most fabulous wedding in Lake Maggiore.
They stayed in touch constantly throughout the organization process, gave us the most fabulous recommendations and were generally very kind, patient and fantastic to deal with. We can’t thank them enough for helping to make our wedding weekend so special. Many thanks again. Michelle & Steve”

Michelle and Steve

Married on 08/26/2017

Italian Lakes Weddings made our wedding day feel effortlessly perfect!

“Italian Lakes Weddings made our wedding day feel effortlessly perfect! Valentina and Ernesto were both wonderfully friendly and helpful right from the start. They provided
transparent pricing up front and were always on hand to answer your concerns or queries throughout the planning process. I would highly recommend using this company. “

Sarah and Stuart

Married on 09/07/2016

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